Reflection Hunters Contest ~ Round 131

Hey, everybody!
As long as there's a chance to post - I'm running here again.
Reflections, reflections.
Here I am reflected in a car mirror, taking pictures of everything in my path! What do you think?

But that's not what I want to show you. Something magical.
We were driving through Kalmykia with its vast steppes. And look at how the sun spills out at dawn.
How it quietly emerges from behind the horizon, but when the edge of it appears, it appears in the sky as quickly as possible.
And now its light is everywhere.
And on my car.)

Yes, it's not the mirror-like surface of a lake as you might think.
It's the roof of a car!
But it's beautiful.
The whole sunrise took just a few minutes.
The sun has a job to do - it gets up quickly, doesn't linger and doesn't set the alarm clock several times!

And how magical it is out there on the steppe at night! The stars are low and from edge to edge... The words "you can reach the stars with your hand" become very clear. But there is no photo, so believe it just so!

Good mood, kindness and peace to all!

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