Reflection Hunters Contest ~ Round 129

Hey, everybody!
I'm not lost, just traveling. And there's not much opportunity to write a post. But now I managed to get in, and I'll come straight to you!

My reflection today is from Volgograd.

First time we stopped to see Volgograd. Of course, we went straight to Mamaev Kurgan. And this photo is from the Square of Mourning. This is one of the levels of Mamaev Kurgan.

Here's the monument itself. One of the compositions of the ensemble dedicated to the Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad.

Mourning for relatives and friends who did not live to see victory in the Great Patriotic War, but who played a huge role in bringing this victory closer. About the price of victory. The price of peace.

In general, Mamaev Kurgan evokes strong emotions.

This sculpture is called "Mother's Sorrow." And this lake, in which the trees are reflected, is called "Lake of Tears".

Peace, my friends.

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