Birds And Shadows

Birds and shadows

I wish I could share more shadow photos, but it seems I am so much focused on birds that I totally forget about the shadows and this is really shame when we have such lovely sunny weather. However, some of my bird photos turned to be with nice shadows.

Well, could be better, but in my defence the following images I took from the window of the kitchen and the angle was not sufficient to get the whole picture. What happened was I heard the noise from the roof of the next entrance and because my appartment is on higher floor, I could see the rooftop. The jackdaw who made the noise was a fledling, juvenile bird who still was begging for food. It is funny to watch them, not just the jackdaws but any other bird, flapping wings the same way and crying for food and their parents seem to be tired from that never ending task to feed their offsprings.

What you see here is the parent to the left trying to escape the demanding teenager. Just kidding. Looks this way, but at the end you will see how he or she is feeding that hungry one.


A close-up of the hopping yongster, unfortunately I cut its head, I mean the shadow.


Please ignore the bad condition of the roof. It will be repaired soon together with ours.


My other excuse for not so good quality of the images is the position of tne sun. But you can still see how the parent is feeding the chick and more importantly the shadow of both.

And while I was after the sparrow who stopped on some metal construction in our factory yard, I got also some shadows.


If you like to take photos of the surrounding world you will encounter shadows all the time. What better than to take part in the contests of Shadow Hunters community. Each week you can submit your photos not only of shadows, but also reflections. Follow the links below.

šŸ‘‰Shadow Hunters Contest Round 179
šŸ‘‰Reflection Hunters Contest ~ Round 27

Why not trying to guess the shadow:
šŸ‘‰announcing the 22nd guess the shadow contest!!

You have chance to win some cool prizes, thanks to the generous sponsors of the community:
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Be creative, be engaged and your work will be rewarded.

Happy Shadow and Reflection Hunting!


Thank you for viewing.


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