SMASh 315: Walking My Dog To The River And Watching Its Shadows While On Our Way

Happy Monday, everyone.

We still have no classes today and tomorrow will be our first day of classes after Lent. My Holy Week was great. I spent most of my time with my family and relatives and I did not get a lot of chances to be online because we kept going out from different places.

On Good Friday, I was at my grandmother's house, and one thing I did was walk to the river close to my grandmother's backyard and my mom and I took our dog for a walk to the river as well. Our dog Sofia was very happy to take a very long walk when we visited because my grandma cannot already walk a long distance because she's already a senior. My grandma's place is on the farmland and riverside, so the environment is very relaxing and peaceful compared to where our house is.

In the photos is our dog walking to the river with its shadows reflecting on the ground. It was almost noon when we walked so it's pretty hot and sunny on our way. I am sharing these photos as my entry to @melinda010100's Show Me. A Shadow Photo Contest Round 315.

This is my photo entry

Sofia staring at her shadow

Sofia staring at her shadow on our way back home

One more photo of Sofia

Thank you everyone and Happy Easter to all of you.

Your 11-year-old friend

April 1, 2024

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