The plant shadow on the wall that looks like paint # my entry for the shadow hunter contest round no 298

Hello friends!

How are you all? I hope after a wonderful weekend , you all are ready for this new week. I'm also ready for this last month of the year and a new week 😃

Once again i am going to participate in the Shadow hunter contest round no. 298 organised by @melinda010100.

This is an amazing contest , if you also want to participate in this contest please visit here.

Here is my entry for this contest round no. 298 :

As usual during my evening walk again i hunt this shadow. This is a plant shadow on the wall , looks as if it has been painted on the wall.

This is the shadow of this plant. I have been watching this plant for four years. Have taken evening walk around this plant hundreds of time but never notice this plant shadow before.

Now this contest has given me the perspective to do shadow hunting . Which i am really enjoying.

Once again thank you so much @melind010100 for this amazing contest.

I hope you also enjoyed my entry.

Thank you so much for your time, support and love 🤍💫

Have a great week everyone ❤️

@mysteriousroad 🙏🇮🇳

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