Reflection of plant from the solar light panel # my entry for the reflection hunter contest round no. 143

Hello friends!
How are you all doing? Hope you all are good and enjoying your weekend. I'm also good and enjoying my weekend and evening walk too 😊

Today i would like to participate in the reflection hunter contest round no. 143 Organised by @olgavita.

This is a great contest, if you also want to join please visit here.

So here is my reflection pictures for this contest entry, let's enjoy:

In the evening while walking to my home garden i hunt these reflection shots 😁. I captured these reflection pictures from the solar light panel. This is the reflection of adenium plant ( desert rose).

Here is the reflection of the flower (desert rose). This is really a beautiful flower and plant. This is also my favourite flower from my garden. Many times i shared the pictures of this flower. And today I'm excited to share the reflection of this plant and flower.

Here is the picture of whole beautiful plant, flower and garden light. The light panel from which i captured the reflection pictures.

As i said always I really enjoyed to hunt reflection and shadow pictures. Thank you so much @olgavita for this amazing contest.

Hope you enjoy the entry and reflection pictures 😄.

Thank you so much for your time, support and love 🤍💫

@mysteriousroad 🙏

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