My entry for the reflection hunter contest round no: 131

Hello friends!
How are you all? Hope you all are doing well and having a nice day. I'm also good and enjoying my day.
Yesterday again i put on my shoes and went for evening walk. I went to nearby pond area to walk. Last time i shared the light reflection from the same place. This time i went before sunset and i got that beautiful bridge reflection in the pond water.
Let's enjoy the reflection:

This bridge is not long , just made to enjoy the sight. But bridge reflection looks amazing.
Health is wealth. And waking is the best exercises. When you walk in these beautiful nature lush places, it keeps you healthy and also relieve the stress.

This is a beautiful place. Where we can't feel tiredness while waking. We can see people who enjoying boating. One side there are many rides can be enjoyed by everyone.

This is my entry for the reflection hunter contest round no. 131 organised by @olgavita.
I really enjoyed this contest. Whenever i found any reflection i captured it immediately 😜 for this contest. Thanku for this amazing contest.

Hope you like the pictures.

Thanks for your time, support and love❤️

Have a great day and lot's of best wishes from


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