Found these shadows during my walk # entry for the shadow hunter contest round no 297

Hello friends!
How are you all? Hope you all are doing good and enjoying yourself. I'm also good and enjoying myself. Today again I'm going to participate in the shadow hunter contest round no. 297 Organized by @melinda010100.

So here is my entry for this contest :

In every walk with nature we recevies far more than we seeks. Look at that shadow. That tree Shadow and along with gril Shadow on the wall looks amazing and attract me while my evening walk after dinner.

That gril shadow also looks amazing on this car. If you keep seeing and notice such views while taking walk you don't feel tried, the time passes and the walk also gets done ,& we get motivation.

Earlier , when i used to walk , i used to be more attracted to clouds , moon, flowers and nature. But since i started to participate in shadow and reflection hunter contest different types of shadow and reflection attract me more 😜

These were not so visible to me before now they are, i find it very interesting. Thank you so much @melinda010100 for this amazing contest. If you also want to participate in this contest kindly visit here.

Hope you like my entry for this contest.

Thank you so much for stopping by 😄

@mysteriousroad 🙏

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