Shadows on my beloved Bridge • Shadow Hunters Contest Entry - Round 164

Happy Sunday dear reader, welcome to my entry for the new round of the Shadow Hunters Photo Challenge and for you to enjoy. This time i have some nice curly shadows of the railings of my favorite bridge around here in my hood in the north of Berlin, the "Siemens-Steg". Almost every morning i'm walking over that beautiful bridge to start into my day.

Curly Shadows

These can only be seen like this early in the morning

Siemens-Steg Shadows

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Sunrise Walkway

This photo should give you a good impression of why i love this bridge so much


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Siemens-Steg Bridgehead North

And here you can see the whole beauty of this gorgeous bridge that was built to connect a heating power plant with certain buildings in the north of Berlin about 100 Years ago


If you like this bridge as much as i do then look forward to see more posts about it sooner or later, because i have a lot more photos of this beauty as you might imagine.

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