Heavy Metal Door • Shadow Hunters Contest Entry - Round 167

Happy Day dear Shadow Hunters,

welcome to my entry for the new round of the Shadow Hunters Photo Challenge. This time i have a closeup of a cross symbol on an overpainted metal door i've found on one of my city walks. Since it was a pretty sunny day the ring and its bolts threw some nice harsh shadows that give it kind of a trail that makes it look like it's moving somehow. Because of the paint the original color tone of the door was not very appealing so i rather experimented a bit with it for you to enjoy.

Greyish Tones

This could very well be a closeup of a knight's shield either.

Metal Door Cross - Grey

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Greenish Tones

Here i see an aerial shot of a garden with a very thick wall around it from very high above a strange planet somewhere in a galaxy far away.

Metal Door Cross - Green

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Reddish Tones

This hot mars colored one is my favorite of the three images and therefore i think this should be the main contest entry.

Metal Door Cross - Red

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