Graffiti Reflections • Reflection Hunters Contest Entry Round 30

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For this round of the Reflection Hunters Contest i have some reflections of Graffiti Artworks that i found on some of my photowalks. It’s hard to avoid them, because they seem to be everywhere and sadly a lot of them are not a pleasure to the eye, but hey … isn’t taste something to excellently argue about?!

I Was Here

Isn’t Graffiti often just a thing of “I was here” or a kind of territorial marking? Anyway, this bridge has something else to have fun with. To all the non germans reading this: Try saying the name of the bridge out loud! 😉 MÖRSCHBRÜCKE 😁

Mörschbrücke Graffiti

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Big Typography

Who is the biggest here? Who? Who? 😉I guess this piece needed a bit of thinking or maybe even some scribbling in advance to fit the whole name well into the available space. This one might not look very artistic at first sight, because it’s just a name, some typography, but with it’s reflection it becomes kind of an ornament. Just try to look between the piece and it’s reflection or turn the photo 90 degrees in any direction and see it as one piece all together. This photo shall be my entry for the contest, because of it’s eye-catching typographical boldness!

Motorway Graffiti

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What’s My Name?

This photo is the one that sparked the idea for this article about Graffiti Reflections. Can you read this? Is it GESU or NESAU or something completely different than i can see here? I don’t know, tell me what you see in the comments.

Wuhlebridge Graffiti

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