Shadow Hunter/ SMASh Contest Round #321 - Hunting the Shadow of a Broom!

Brooms are very common in Indian households. It has its utility in sweeping and cleaning the floor, to bring the dust to the center of the floor. However, the types, sizes, and looks of the broom vary from one location to another. So it has a distinct regional shape.

So today in the pursuit of hunting shadows, I made attempts to capture the long, slender shadow of Broom that we use in our locality.

This type of Brrom is very common in the western part of Odisha and you can find this type in every household here.

This type of broom is very useful and can be used for sweeping both outdoor and indoor. And it is durable too. Wet floors during the rainy season can also be cleaned using this broom.

The cost of this broom varies from 20-40 INR per piece. And all it depends on your negotiation skills. And if you buy them in Bulk you will get at a much better price, very like at 20 INR per piece.

The tribal people generally weave this type of broom and sell it in the nearby villages, and that is how they earn their livelihood. I wish they get a much better price.


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DeviceRedmi 7, Xiaomi
Location7R2R+JQ5, Odisha, India


This is my entry to Shadow Hunter SMASh Contest Round 321 by @melinda0101000

Thank you.


Original Photography using my Smartphone

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