My Entry For #Reflection Hunters Contest Round 166

Hello Hivians. I wish you all a happy Sunday. Today has been blissful to me. I had a great time worshiping with my brethren in the church. I also spent a little pleasant time relaxing and chatting with friends. Today really has been enjoyable and fun to me. I want to believe that your day is equally good. Have a good and profitable engagement in whatever you are doing. And don't forget to be active here on hive blockchain.

This is my entry for the #Reflection Hunters Contest round 166. The contest is always fun, engaging in it. 😊 Really fun! Being watchful and observant to look out for scenes and capture reflection images, makes it real fun.

When I got to church, I quickly noticed these images on the reflective glasses of the church and then I grabbed my device and captured the images.

You will notice the beautiful vegetation around and the beautiful homes in the neighborhood. I stood cheerfully before the glass and captured these images.

Engaging in the Blockchain’s photo contest is always fun. Many times and at different locations, I have always been watching out for pictures to fill in for this contest and other ones on the blockchain.

Thank you for sparing your time to read this post. Please check my blog for other contents.

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