Shadow Contest Round 103-Show Me a Shadow and WIN SBI and ESTM

Shadow Photo Contest

Last week's Show Me A Shadow - Round 102 is now closed. Winners will be announced and rewards given within the next 24 hours.


@esteemapp has been incredibly generous and donated a weekly prize fund of 1000 ESTM tokens! These tokens will be divided between the winners.

Round 103 begins now!

The theme this week is Show Me A Shadow which means you can enter your best shadow photo.

This week's contest will award SBI, ESTM and tips, too!

The sun came out one day this week and I found shadows from some of my Eiffel Towers.




Let's go Shadow Hunting!

Win SBI, tips and now ESTM tokens, too.

Remember to keep the main focus of your picture on the shadow! After all, this is a shadow contest.

Here Are The Rules For The Contest.

The Prizes will be from a fund with 10 SBI and 1000 ESTM, and awarded to the winners, who will be chosen by me, or a judge selected by me.

One submission per person.

Any upvotes and resteems of any of the entries are appreciated!

You can create a post using the tag shadowphoto but the photo or link MUST be posted in the comments here as well. If you use #hive-179017 or post directly into the Shadow Hunters Community continue to post your link here until we get a feel for how this all will work.

Feel free to use editing and effects to create a special look if you want. Phone photos are great!

The photo must be your original work. NEVER use photos that you find on the internet!

Submissions will no longer be accepted after the post has paid out in 7 days.

If you post from a front end other than Steemit you can use #hive-179017 for your first tag and your #Shadowphoto post will show in the Community.

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