Photos I Taken This Week for the 173rd Shadowhunters Contest: Our Cockatiel and its cage, A Glass and a Tree Shade.

Hello dear Shadowhunters community.

I'm here to share with you the shadows I caught this week. I am with you again with three different tones.

1 - The shade and cage of our parrot: I take our parrot out of the house to spend time and sunbathe. After waiting outside for a while, I take it back home. Our parrot loves the branches of the grape tree. I don't keep our parrot in a cage all the time. The cage door is always open. He can fly whenever he wants. When I took our bird outside, the shadow of the cage caught my attention. I think it turned out nice. :)




CamScanner 05-27-2020 11.16.21.jpg

2 - Our second shade is the shade of the juice glass. I took this shadow photo as evening approached. It's a pretty big juice glass. I created this shade thinking it would look beautiful. I pulled out a coffee table, set the glass on it, and took a picture of it.



CamScanner 05-27-2020 11.16.21.jpg

3 - My last shadow photo is of a tree. The shadow of a tree in the park. I think it's been a week since I took this photo. We bought it one day when I was out for a walk with my son. Trees, greenery, flowers... These are beings that make our world beautiful. That's why I love the first spring season so much.


Yes, friends, these are the shadow photos I took this week. I shared my shadow photos a little early this week. I wrote my previous post 4 days ago.

Hope to see you again next week. I wish everyone a healthy and happy day. Good bye.

CamScanner 05-27-2020 11.16.21.jpg


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