On The Move: Shadow Hunters Smash Contest Round 297

Hello lovely people, welcome to another exciting week of shadow hunting. 😂

For days now we've been enjoying lots of sunshine. Although it makes the environment hot but it's good as it gave me the opportunity to capture this shadow.

I got this particular one at the junction - Obikabia Junction, Aba, Nigeria where I usually board a Keke - Tricycle home. This is a busy junction and usually have traffic as it connects many other roads so traffic is always much.

It was around 16:30pm WAT and the sun was still up creating lots of shadows as people, tricycle and vehicles passed by.

Now I've seen the shadows I was looking for but the challenge was how to get a perfect shot so as not to attract people's attention to me. You know people are usually apprehensive when it comes to things like this and I didn't want anyone to come at me.

Well I started taking random shots and this was the best I could get.

Please do enjoy my street shadow photograph, hope to get a better shot next time.
Thank you.

Still the #threadsaddict 😂

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