Smash Contest Round 296 - My Cute Shadow.

Hello Shadows Hunters, I welcome you back to my blog again and to Show Me A Shadow - Smash Contest Round 296. Hope you all are doing well.

Well for this round I have a cute shadow image of myself to share.

It's been some weeks that I captured this picture and it holds some memories one of which reminds me that it was the day I was going to the hospital to take food to my mom who was admitted there.

The bag on my right hand contains food flask and water.

It was a sunny afternoon and while walking down the road that leads to the hospital, my shadow was of course walking with me - shadows can never allow one walk alone without showing themselves 😂.

Although I wasn't too happy due to mom's ill heath but seeing my shadow actually made me realize one thing - that I am #alive and #aliveandthriving and it is only the living that can see their shadows.

Yes, those who have gone to the world beyond do not have business with shadows and shadow hunting, only the living like you and I can so let's keep hunting and capturing those shadows.

Thank you for your time here and I hope you like the image.

Still the #threadsaddict 😂

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