Dutch Sculptures and Shadows : entry in the Shadow Hunters contest round 211

Hi all 👋🏻

My first photo in this post will be my entry into the Shadow Hunters Contest, round 211 run by @melinda010100.

And it depicts the Shadows of a sculpture that can be found on the boulevard of Scheveningen beach/ Den Hague in The Netherlands.


More information about this sculpture collection you can find Here in this website! In English and Dutch.

The collection of sculptures is called “Sprookjesbeelden aan Zee” my translation “fairytale sculptures by the sea” and it consists out of 23 sculptures from Tom Otterness.
They were placed there in 2014 and still can be found there nowadays, free of charge and always open to the public as it is a boulevard you can wander along on freely.

I couldn’t find titles or names for the individual sculptures…
Every time I visit Den Hague (what normally would be at least once a year, but due to the pandemic is zero at the moment) I go along this boulevard and walk around, see the artworks/ sculptures and the ever changing sky.
I will have a seat at a terrace with a cappuccino and watch the world go by… 🥰☀️

My photos are taken over the years… mostly with my iPhone.

Let me show you a few more today, but I will save others for a future post 😉😎


Can you see the fun children could have… playing with these sculptures 😁😎

This last sculpture is actually a tiny detail photograph of a really large sculpture… that lies down and it is my favourite part of this entire collection of artworks.
The hands and feat of the large figure are cuffed down. The little tiny figure has the key behind her back…
All sculptures tell stories if you look very closely.
Just Love it 🥰😊

(the largest statue is about 12 meter) I will try and look into my photography archives if I have a photo of this entire sculpture, and the other large ones to include in a next post, if not… next time I visit I take a photograph of it.

This last photo is a view of Scheveningen beach itself and the pier/ boardwalk into the sea from my last visit.

That’s all for today’s entry into the shadow hunters contest 😎 hope you enjoyed my post from these sculptures and its shadows.

Thank you so much for looking, reading and supporting me. And if you liked my post, an upvote or re-blog is always welcome 🙏🏻

Any questions or comments, let me know. Always happy to help and chat. 😊

If you want to know more about the Contest, please Visit This post!

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Have a great day today ☀️😊
Grtz Jackie

Unless stated otherwise: All art and photos used in my posts are taken, created and owned by me. If you wish to use any of my photographs, please contact me first. As I have used some commercially myself. We don’t want that you or somebody else gets into trouble 😉 So please don’t use them without my consent.

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