Shadow Of My Daughter's Cot - Shadow Hunters /SMASh Contest - Round 298

This is my entry for Shadow Hunters /SMASh Contest - Round 298 in the Shadow Hunters Community organized by @melinda010100 and am really humbled for this golden priceless opportunity.

(This 2nd one is my entry)
My little daughter is now 5 years old so since me and my wife are not planning for another child we have decided to sell off our daughter's old cot when she was a tiny baby for almost 35 dollars really cause its condition is not so good and requires lots of polishing and removal of some stickers as well. The cot has the following properties:

  • It is 5 Inches long
  • It is brown in color and is made out of wood only
  • It has 4 tiny wheels made of steel
  • It does not have a mattress of any kind

We are selling this cot on the olx Pakistan website which is a free platform for buying and selling additionally we have given its listing on Facebook as well and have received some customers who have refused to buy it cause they want it for 30 dollars and not 35 so we are waiting for the right customer to pick it up (Please note the purpose of mentioning this fact is not to advertise this as a sale product).

Special thanks to @melinda010100 for organizing the Shadow Hunters /SMASh Contest - Round 298 in the Shadow Hunters Community and am going to request and recommend my cousin @wraith-27 plus my friend @thelegallounge to avail a chance to compete in this competition as well.

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