Shadow Of My 9 Years Old Son Kids Electric Bike - Shadow Hunters /SMASh Contest -Round 297

This is my entry for Shadow Hunters /SMASh Contest -Round 297 organized by @melinda010100 in the Shadow Hunters Community and am really thankful plus humbled for this wonderful opportunity.

This three-wheel Kids electric bike was bought by us like 2+ years ago back then at 75 dollars but now the price of this product has increased to round about 150 dollars in the local market. This electric bike is rechargeable via electricity and gets fully charged within a maximum 6 hours while giving a mileage of 5 to 6 hours in maximum as well. I had difficulty in taking the photo of its shadow but then eventually figured it out somehow by taking it from such an angle that clearly shows its shadow.

This kids' electric bike has the following properties:

  • Has a space for two seats
  • Has three tires
  • Is blue in colour
  • Has a USB input plug as well
  • The electric bike can also go in reverse as well
  • The electric bike has the option of putting it's inbuilt music so you can turn it on/off.
  • The kids' electric bike has headlights as well.

Special thanks to @melinda010100 for giving me a golden opportunity in this competition Shadow Hunters /SMASh Contest -Round 297 in the Shadow Hunters Community and will request my friend @wraith-27 to take part in this competition as well.

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