Reflections Of My Terrestrial Globe - Reflection Hunters Contest ~ Round 130

This is my entry for Reflection Hunters Contest ~ Round 130 organized by @olgavita and am really lucky to take part in this competition.

As you can see from the above photo the terrestrial globe reflection can be seen on top of a dinner table. The word terrestrial refers to the earth in which we reside and this kind of globe depicts oceans, continents, and countries and has all the poles as well like north, south, east, and west. This is my 9-year-old son's education-related toy and I can proudly say he will learn one of the most important things from this globe which is the following:

Knowhow of the different locations (Countries) on the world map.

The above knowledge is regarded as highly as swimming globally and I understand the value of learning how to swim but never knew the value of learning the location of different countries on the world map somehow this confuses me really.

Special thanks to @olgavita for organizing this competition and providing me with an opportunity to participate in it.

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