Reflections Of My Pencil Sharpener - Reflection Hunters Contest ~ Round 131

This is my entry for Reflection Hunters Contest ~ Round 131 organized by @olgavita on the Shadow Hunters community am really lucky to be a part of this contest.

As you can see from the above photo this is the reflection of a Pencil Sharpener and for reference just to be sure people can identify it as such I also specifically placed a pencil inside it. This pencil sharpener belongs to my 9-year-old son and he uses it all the time to sharpen his pencils. This is a special kind of pencil sharpener and I think would cost around 1.5 dollars maximum cause it has this handle which if you rotate sharpens the pencil however you need to insert the pencil inside the pencil sharpener for it to work quite an easy process really and much simpler then those 5 cents usual pencil sharpeners.

Special thanks to @olgavita and Shadow Hunters for providing me the opportunity to take part in this competition and boy I need these kind of opportunities as much as I can cause I am willing to grab them when ever I find these.

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