Reflection Of My 5 Years Old Doll On Skateboard Toy - Reflection Hunters Contest ~ Round 143

This is my entry for Reflection Hunters Contest ~ Round 143 organized by @olgavita in the Shadow Hunters Community and am really humbled by this golden opportunity really to be able to compete in this competition.

My little 5 years old daughter loves her toys and also we tried to get her to do skateboarding as an activity but I think after experiencing that she is still too little for trying skateboarding so usually I hold her little hand and try to make her balance on the skateboard and try to pull her so she can experience the skateboarding but since she cannot do this activity on her own we decided to buy this 10 dollars Doll on a skateboard toy and it has the following properties:

  • The doll is blonde (has golden hair)
  • The doll is worth 10 dollars (which is quite cheap really)
  • The doll is made of plastic hence is user-friendly (For touching and holding) and safe too.
  • The doll is attached to a skateboard but it looks like a hoverboard but I would like to call it a skateboard really.

This toy I do not hug though cause I am not into dolls ok so stop it already haha.

Special thanks to @olgavita for organizing the Reflection Hunters Contest ~ Round 143 in the Shadow Hunters Community am going to invite my cousin @wraith-27 and my friend @thelegallounge to participate in this competition as well.
Earlier in the post I said it was a golden opportunity to compete in the shadow hunters community competitions and I would like the people I requested to experience this community as well because I did not lie whatsoever.

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