My entry for Shadow Hunter contest round - 283

Hey, all bloggers I am @labibasultana From Bangladesh. Today i gone a participte [Shadow Hunters /SMASh Contest- Round 283

Some time ago I went with my friend to a roof top restaurant in Uttara which had a beautiful view of the road. Near where I was sitting, there was a four road junction where a traffic policeman was always controlling the traffic. The shadow of the police box is visible
It was a sunny day, so the shadows were more beautiful because of the sunlight

it's a too busy road In uttara. It's call Jonathan road
it's location in front of Jam jam Tower, Dhaka Uttara sector to be more excet.

DevicesXiaomi note 8
locationUttara,Dhaka, Bangladesh
I hope you enjoy this pictures .I am not professional photographer please pardon my mistakes. If you like or enjoy this pictures you can write a comment for my inspiration.

Thank You

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