Reflection Hunters Contest: Round- 39 - Brunswick Heads River.

A couple of weeks ago we booked a cruise with the Byron Bay Eco Cruises and Kayaks for a friend of ours birthday none of us had ever done a cruise along the Brunswick River and it was a great day to do so, was not a burning hot sun just cloudy but pleasant day for a cruise, along this river you will see a lots of wildlife and rain-forest a very peaceful river enjoying the aromas of the rain-forest and the fresh water going through these pristine narrow waterways of the Brunswick River with the beautiful mangroves and rainforest on either side so close at times, that you could almost reach out and touch them.




The Brunswick River is also very popular for people who love kayaking or stand up paddle boarding were you can get into areas were they are unable to be viewed by just cruising along the river but by paddling or kayaking along the river you can get up close to wildlife and marine life something, I will have to do on another day. The cruise was for about 4 hours round trip a very enjoyable time with a very knowledgeable and friendly staff, it's a perfect tour for the photo enthusiasts and wildlife lovers if you have the right camera equipment there is great photos to be had of the wildlife but for us that day was just to enjoy the tranquility and peacefulness of the river and a few beers.





Reflection Hunters Contest: Round- 39 by @annephilbrick

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