Trying to create a reflection scene on a mobile screen

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Good morning! Hope everybody on this site also had a great day. I'm fine too. Today I am sharing with you some reflection scenes in this favorite community. Which I sat in our office a few days ago trying to capture the reflection scene on the screen of the mobile. I hope you like the pictures of this reflection.



The last few days have been the opening of our educational institution. We have cleaned the school a few days before that. Then, while spending my leisure time in the school office, I suddenly noticed some scenes of reflection of the surroundings on the screen of the mobile.

Then I put my colleague's mobile on the table and saw some objects around the mobile and tried to see how the reflection of those objects was seen on the screen of the mobile. I put it on a mobile table and tried to capture the scene of that reflection with my mobile in hand. I kept one object after another in front of the screen of the mobile and tried to create a scene of reflection of them. But due to the small size of the mobile, the full reflection of the objects was not well understood.



However, I placed a marker in front of the mobile placed on the table and saw the reflection of the marker on the screen of the mobile placed on the table. I kept the market different and tried to capture different reflections. I then placed a bottle of Hexisol next to that mobile and tried to capture the scene of its reflection. As well as holding a key mobile in front of it I captured the scene of its reflection.

I loved this moment and spent some time with me. Everyone looked at me in amazement and asked why I was taking pictures like this. I said I see how the reflection scene can be seen on the screen of the mobile. And I like this subject so I'm doing photography.

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