Shadow Hunters contest SMASh-round 211

This shadow photo reminds me of the day my friend jokily added her handbag in the showcase hang outside our building entrance.
It was a funny day, the man (owner) of the showcase hang sold a bag to her on credit.
My funny friend paid half of the money and went for an occasion with the bag when she came back from the occasion, she told the man that she was done making use of the bag. And besides the half money she paid should cover up for the time she used the bag.
When she hung the bag and was arguing I saw the beautiful shadow of the bags showcased and decided to take a photo of it.
A day she was bored and decided to act some drama.
After fooling around she apologized paid and we left with the bag.


Shadow Hunters contest round 211 by @melinda010100 is here.
Thanks @melinda010100 for the encouragement and support.

The photo is mine.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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