Shadow Hunters Community Contest round 298

My entry photo

I can only imagine a little child playing joyfully around this.
“my house is well fenced” he said, smiling.

I hope his shadow won't grow tall, joining his beautiful house.

It will be wonderful if he thinks “that's my twin, he does whatever I do accurately”.

But if he gets scared and begins to cry “why is the giant monster here, and it's following my every move”.
Then we are in trouble, it will really take a lot to convince him not to be afraid 😂😅

This shadow is really an interesting one for me.
How it faced backwards, forming this circle closure.
Judging from the real objects, I was thinking it could have been up front.

Anyway it can be undone.
Here we have our beautiful shadow photo.

I feel good to find this, which I am using as my entry to Shadow Hunters Community Contest round 298 by @melinda010100

Both photos were taken with my Android mobile phone.

Thank you very much for stopping by my blog 😊

I hope you enjoyed your time here?

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