Shadow Hunters Community Contest round 283

Hello everyone.

Welcome to my entry to Shadow Hunters Community Contest round 283 by @melinda010100

On my morning walk from yesterday.
When I noticed the sun was coming up.

I decided to make a turn and walk back home.
Seriously, one thought came to my mind.
I was like I wouldn't be bad to meet the sun, though the hotness is what I dislike.
But i will be able to get cool shadow photos.

After that thought I made a turn and was walking back home.
As perceived the sun was harsh, targeting my face.
I knew it could result to me being more hungry and tired.
So I hastened my footsteps.

At this point I was walking with my phone in my pocket, not minding or caring for anything happening in the surroundings.
I just wanted to go home.

How this shadow drew my attention is what I can remember.
I only remember walking few kilometers back to the filling station to capture this.

I decided to take the last shot after the sun hit me back to life😀

[My entry photo]

It's paying of now because I am using it as my entry photo to show me a shadow contest SMASh-round 283.

All photos taken by me with my Android mobile phone.

Thank you very much for stopping by my blog.

Do have a marvelous day 🤗.

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