Shadow Hunters Community Contest round 287

Hello Everyone.

Welcome to my entry to Shadow Hunters Community Contest round 287 by @melinda010100

The photos I will be sharing with you. They are photos I took on my way back from mid-week church service.

There is a story behind the photos, though.

Currently, my city is not that safe, especially late at night.
We finished church service around 7:15pm, I came out to board a vehicle I didn't see anyone going towards where I stay.

So, I decided to walk and not to waste time waiting.
As I was walking I kept checking for a vehicle, until I got to a place I decreed it not useful again.
Because I am almost close to my street.

It was during this period that I saw this night shadow along the road.

Funny, how I took time to take this, not minding that I needed to walk back home 😅

The shadow was irresistible, if not I could have walked pass it without looking back.
I also captured people's shadow that walked pass.
The shadow looked like combination of other objects.

Well, my time and effort is paying off right now.
Because I got an entry photo to show me a shadow contest SMASh-round 287.

Thank you very much for stopping by.

All photos are taken with my Android mobile phone

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