Shadow Hunters Community Contest round 297

Goods bargaining 101šŸ˜…

Well, I am not good in teaching this lesson as I am also a learner.
But I will share few tips I noticed to help my dear friend @tydynrain and any other person that comes across this.

Yes we are doing this.

1.When you call a price in the bargaining process and walk away without being called back by the seller, know it that the last price is the real price.

2.Sometimes when the seller is quick to sell a product to you without much bargaining.
Check the product very well, there must be something wrong.

3.After much bargain and the seller still adds extra ( like 6 oranges for $1 and adds one extra, making it 7 for the same price), it's a sign to make you a customer.
Maybe because the seller noticed you bought a lot from him/her.
Sellers like selling big at a go šŸ˜‰

That's the end for today's class, just digest these ones until next time šŸ˜‚.

This is inspired by the shadow photos I took in the market.

Yes friends, you are welcome to my entry post to shadow Hunters Community Contest round 297 by @melinda010100

[my entry photo]

The shadow photo is a display of kitchen utensils, sold in the market.

Thank you very much for checking out my entry.

Photos taken by me with my Android mobile phone.
Photography Location : Nigeria.

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