Entry for the Shadow Contest/SMASh - 298

Greetings everyone ☺️

Here's my SMASh entry for week 298, a shadow from a tropical almond tree (known as Talisay Tree here in the Philippines) through the tent of our campers before in a private beach.

It was noon time, sunny weekend. I came and checked them our day tour campers who just pitched in if how's there going in the middle of the heat at the beach front. But they told me they're not bothered from the heat. They are thankful and happy instead because of the Talisay Tree's shading them. While me was happy too, coz I immediately saw the shadows through their tent looks gorgeous like a pattern design. So I made few quick shots before heading back.

Whatta beautiful shadow I hunt!

*Always thankful @melinda010100 and the rest for initiating this awesome weekly contest

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Sending love for reading until here 💕

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