Shadow hunters contest -round 216

Hello All

This is jahid again, with anoher post of shadow hunts photos that might you like. I would like to thank to the contest and creator of this community.
#shadows we saw in day to days life but this group change the state of mind to see shadows in different way.

Photography by : Myself
Device : Samsung

When all creatures stand in the light, a shadow or image of themselves is seen in contrast to it The object or person that stands in opposition to the light appears to be as large as its shadow as it moves away from the light.And as the light gets closer, the shadow gets smaller and smaller, which is a really amazing thing Shadow is something that cannot be seen without good. Each of us has our own shadow This shadow is visible when we stand in front of the light otherwise it is invisible in the dark This game of light and shadow is really a wonderful thing I like to watch this game of light and shadow. I myself sometimes play this game of light and shadow with light



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