Reflection Hunters contest-round 65

Hello All ,

This is jahid again, with anoher post of shadow hunts photos that might you like. I would like to thank to the contest and creator of this community.
#shadows we saw in day to days life but this group change the state of mind to see shadows in different way.

Photography by : Myself
Device : Samsung



A reflection of clear water or a clear glass or object placed on or standing in front of a mirror This image is created from the beginning of the creation of the earth Nothing happens without reflection This promise is basically another exact copy of a person or thing The difference is that if you stand in front of a transparent mirror, your reflection is placed in that mirror.The way you move The way you move Mirror that commitment and you seem to practice In fact, the lifeless image is a reflection of your gestures This is a reflection of the light or sunlight in the water, as if there was another light in the water.I really like to see these reflections, I hope you like them too

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