Reflection Hunters contest- round 64

Hello All ,

This is jahid again, with anoher post of shadow hunts photos that might you like. I would like to thank to the contest and creator of this community.
#shadows we saw in day to days life but this group change the state of mind to see shadows in different way.

Photography by : Myself
Device : Samsung


Everything has this reflection that is not always visible When we stand in front of a clear mirror or clear clear water, that reflection becomes visible The creation of the world has been doing this since its inception through the wonderful creation of Bidhata I like to see reflections.The reflection of the boat on the river here is really captivating Those who love to see reflection must love to see this reflection There is no object or animal on earth without reflection When you feel lonely, go and stand by the river that reflects you Just look at this and you will feel a lot lighter and your mind will become cheerful I often go and stand by the river in the afternoon and you can try it once and see your reflection.

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