Cat against a background of reflections

Hello, friends.
One spring evening I came to the village to take Tom the cat home. The cat was waiting for me near the gate and immediately jumped into the car. I went to my grandfather to talk and warn him that I was taking the cat. When I returned to the car, Tom the cat was waiting for me sitting in the driver's seat.

I decided to take a photo of it. But together with Tom the cat, the photograph turned out to be a reflection of the surrounding street.

Seeing that I was filming it, Tom the cat tried to open the window, but alas, he couldn’t do it yet))

The first photo was submitted for participation in the contest Reflection Hunters Round 144 from @olgavita
Camera: Samsung Galaxy A10
Location: Russia, Siberia

Friends, thank you for your attention, see you again.
Best regards, @irvet

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