[Reflection Hunters Contest] Playing fountains

Entry for the Reflection Hunters Contest. Round 82 organized by Shadow Hunters Community and @olgavita

Good night!

These days I walk a lot! I don't remember when I was spending so much time outside... But of course, I love it, despite it being related to work.

Yesterday I have been in the city centre, in the main square which was under reconstruction for a couple of years! And I am in love with the new square!

I think that all those fountains and other public facilities were installed here not just for people's comfort. There is another reason, but I will stay silent...

I think night city has another vibe. And you know what? Those fountains are musical ones, and you can learn the musical rhythm by watching the fountains! Unfortunately, it is hard to show it through photos, but try to imagine the atmosphere.

Now I am going to bed. Good night!

Camera: Galaxy S22
South Korea, Seoul

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