Stop or I Will Shoot Ya (SMAsh 252)

It was a bright sunny morning when she was walking to a wedding after parking some 500 meters away. There were too many cars that she didn't want hers to be blocked so she opted the farthest space.

Whilst she was enjoying the warm air, a woman in her 60s approached her saying she'd like a company 'coz she was a little shy. Being the amiable as she is, she said, "Why not? Let's go together then."

Their conversation was pleasant and they seem to have hit it good on that first meeting that they were even laughing as they strolled towards the reception.

Then they paused for a while to catch their breathes. All was well and the sun's rays were warm too.

She was on her better self and best attire too. Was she wearing a cape or something? That you would have to guess.

Then suddenly the woman said, "stop or I will shoot ya!" She was taken aback seeing something pointing towards her on their shadows. Duh, is she really serious? She wants to rob me now?

She wants to laugh so loud but she didn't know whether it was a joke or if it was real.

What do you think happened?


My aunt was walking with me towards the reception area when she saw the tomato plants by my right side so she was pointing at them when I noticed our shadows so yep, clicked... clicked!

And this is my participation to Round 252 of the Shadow Hunting challenge by Melinda.

Hello, how are you doing? Hope things are well with you today. I'm at the other house here at my parents since the other day and internet is too bad. I was just glad to be able to share this lil story.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Will try to catch up with you tonight.

Photos my own. 17012023/14:15ph

Smile... laugh often... love more... be happy and grateful always!

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