Sow Me Some Memory - Reflection Hunting #64

Hello, Hunters and of course everyone in the Hive :)

Feeling amazing, I hope?

It's a fantastic sunny Wednesday here. The rain's been pouring hard last night and the bright sun is so welcoming today.

The husband decided to sow some Chinese cabbage in pots one late afternoon last month (3rd of March) and I gave him a hand. We were just done with our snacks and was about to continue sowing the seeds on the potting trays when I noticed the reflection of some yard plants on the small canister where the seeds were and without wasting a second, I got them on my phone camera.

A Tisa tree trunk, chili and some other ornamental plants along with the blue sky and a few patches of clouds were caught on the reflection.

They aren't the best shots but I feel they are worth-storing in the chain as my memento of those moments. The Chinese cabbages have since germinated and were so ready to be planted last month but the husband changed his mind and had given them away.

These are some yard plants caught in the reflection and writing this reminded me that they are needing some tender love and care because I have been neglecting them for a while.

Thank you and this is my participation to this week's Reflection Hunting #64 by @olgavita. Check it out and send in your participation too, it will be fun!

Have a glorious day!

All photos are my own. 110522/11:16PH

Smile... laugh often... love more... be happy and grateful ALWAYS!

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