Highroad Point View Deck (SMASh 234)

We stopped by the view deck on our way home from the quick getaway some weeks back. It's one of those places we usually drop by for some short break when going to and from the city - either to use the loo, or buy some snacks from the stalls or to simply enjoy the view.

This is called the Halsema HighRoad Point (Philippine Pali), a vantage point which is 2,255 meters or 7,398 feet above sea level. The area was recognized as the location of the highest point in the Philippine Highway System until 2019 when another place in another province (Ifugao) with 2,428.66 m (7,968.0 ft) above sea level took the crown. (Source)

Anyway, while going to the deck, I noticed the shadows and immediately thought of the Shadows Community and so the phone camera went click! click! click!

The above was the first photo taken which I like a lot because it shows both the shadows and the mountain landscapes in the background.

I took quite a few shots and different angles too. It's good to have several options because I don't usually review the photos after I take them and there were times I'd be biting my tongue for not doing so especially when there is not much decent shots.

The deck's concrete railings cast some beautiful shadows on the tiled floor and they are quite nice.

Below by the way is a collage of some sights viewed from that vantage point. There is a waterfalls somewhere on the first photo, I wonder if anyone can see it hehe!

I'm a bit afraid of heights especially when looking down from a high elevation but somehow, I still manage it easily forget about my fear when there are nice things to see.

It's Monday morning here and the sun is shining brightly. Perfect day to go out and hunt some shadows. Hope to be able to do that in the afternoon. I caught the bug from the husband so we are both barking (coughing) and feeling feverish today, lol!

Anyhow, this is my entry to the Shadow Hunting Round 234. Thank you Melinda for this awesome and initiative.

Happy new week everyone!

All photos are my own. 290822/09:10ph
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