A Dog's Head, A Snake & Some More (SMASh 270)

A beautiful Sunday up here in the mountains. I was late to go to bed last night and woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside early today. I observed that when it rains the previous night, the feathered friends usually wake up early and do their chorusing between 6 in the morning until 8. Or might just be a coincidence, I'm not really sure.

Anyhow, I have some shadows captured sometime ago and I'm sharing them today. Was on my walk to the neighborhood and on coming back, I noticed the parked motorbike casting a shadow which I think was quite cool so I photographed a few of it.

From this photo below, the tail of the bike almost appeared like a head (and body) of a wolf or a dog maybe?

Here's a similar photo from above but a different one.

I like how the shape and some of the small details were able to show on the ground where the bike was parked. The bike's front flaring looks like a snake's head, lol! It's a bit cut off here though and it's clearer on the above photo. Looking at this, the tail now appears more like a pig's head than of a dog's.

The shadow image changed when taken from the bike's behind. The tail shadow looks like a boar's head or maybe I'm just imagining too much, lol! But yeah, that's how fun hunting shadows can be. And being able to create stories about the photos we take adds more to it.

There isn't much on the one below. Except that the details on the front tire are a bit clearer.

Some random shadow hunts

From time to time, I or the husband take some single photos which could not make to a standalone post. Like this shaolin shadows which I had on the first week of this month around 20 minutes before 5 in the afternoon here at the other house. The sun was bright which made me take the figurines from the display and placing them on the kitchen top for a photo opp, lol! For some reason, I didn't take more shots.

And this one was a capture by the husband. We pulled over by the roadside after coming from church because I felt cold and wanted to enjoy the sunshine for a bit. I didn't realize that he took a shot until he let me copy the photos on his phone. This was the day we went for an adventure and spent a sublime afternoon at Double C's balcony.

This is my participation to Round 270 of the Shadow Hunting Challenge by Melinda.

Thank you and happy weekend everyone!

Photos are my own. 21052023/10:00ph

Smile... laugh often... love more... be happy and grateful always!

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