Capturing Magic: The Art of Shadow on a Deck (SMASh 254)


The last time I hunted shadow and shared here was long ago and as this month is now about to end in few hours I thought and made my mind to left at least a shadow behind each month as a memory.

So, I was on a deck to see the view and after sometime I changed my position for a while and eventually when I looked down to my camera it appeared to be lock at my own shadow telling me to click it before I leave you alone.

Yea, shadows also leave us in the dark like nost people but well this shadow is a art for me as it's my own shadow.

This is my entry for this week SMASh 254 by @melinda010100. I hope you liked it and thanks for making shadows interesting for all of us.

Picture is mine and captured using Smartphone Redmi note 11.

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