Ceiling Shadow images::Shadow Hunters Contest- Round 321

Namaste🙏 Dear Friends, Today i am here to show you the shadow over ceiling, i am not telling you the shadow from where coming, now your turn to guess it, from where this shadows are coming.

As per my last post i visited to Vrindavan Mathura district for lord Krishna's worship, while having breakfast at a restaurant i saw beautiful shadow image over the ceiling, so i took this shadow from my redmi K50i mobile phone camera.

This shadow images looks like a designer grill, if i will show to anyone they will assume it grill i think so.

While taking image it was little difficult due to small lights was there which was creating sparkling over phone camera. I finished my breakfast early and after that i was acting as a photographer and i took lots of images from this restaurant, which will come on my next post.

I am sharing two fancy light versions but both lights build type was same, one was wall hanging and second was ceiling hanging, both looks beautiful and this was all over the restaurant. Also there was a single multiple ceiling hanging lights was there can be seen on ceiling shadow image.

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Thanks a lot for visiting on my post.......

Note:- Collage has been made with the help of "FotoJet Collage Maker". This application is very easy.


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