Entry for SMASh Contest -Round 297: the shadow of my clothes

Goodday hivers, trust your day went well because mine was sunny but thanks to the shadow hunt contest I was able to utilize the moment. Below is a picture of the shadow I capture while I spread out some clothes these afternoon.


Although this was unexpected but as a shadow hunter I am always at alert to capture these moment. I washed the clothes in the morning and spread them, then when I went back to check them later I found the shodows it created. I ran in to get to my phone and the rest is history.

As we can see the images are so sharp, this goes to show how hot and scorching the sun was. In this part of Nigeria, the sun is so hot that we question ourselves if we had offended the universe one way or another to punish us this way 😂😂.

This is my entry for the Shadow Hunters contest by @melinda010100, check for details here.

The picture used herein was taken by me

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