The mountain of my city and the voracity of shadow - Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest Round 254

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The majestic mountain that protects my city is the source, of all inspiration. Its mystery, its height, its hidden streams, and leafy trees had attracted many throughout history, but now that same mountain was seen from the city as a barely visible shadow.

The storm had obscured the mountain with a giant shadow that seemed to swallow it up, leaving behind a thick fog that did not allow the vivid colors of its landscape to be seen.

The city was getting dark and all the inhabitants felt sad. No one had seen a phenomenon like this for a long time.

The citizens looked sadly at the mountain. Many of them remembered walks on its slopes and the clean view that reached deep into their souls.

At the end of the afternoon, with the arrival of night, we all wondered:

-Will the mountain survive the devouring of the shadow?


With these words, I come to participate in Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest Round 254.
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