Operation shadow

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Brows furrowed and eyes narrowed slightly; a grim countenance was set upon his face as he looked through the rain-streaked window. A look of consternation rearranged his features as his suspicions were confirmed. He thought about the deployment and how it might unfold, what his future would hold.

There were options however on this day they seemed few; the area of operations was annoyingly small, limited by restrictions imposed by the government. Outside the cold, grey day stormed; wind blew and rain washed all colour from it, mirroring his mood. What to do...Then it was time to deploy.

That was me this morning, the deployment, my Sunday; it was cold, windy and subject to stay-at-home lockdown at the government's behest. I did my usual morning stuff: Music, shower and breakfast in that order, then felt at a loss; I knew I'd not be able to hike like usual. There's always options though and mine were reading, watching the Olympics and building Lego.

I also played around with this little fellow and my camera as I wanted to do a shadow post. This little chap isn't actually Lego as they don't like to represent the military or war, it's Sluban, a company happy to create military sets.


I used a torch and had a white piece of cardboard taped to the wall as the background. I turned the main light in the room off and...Here's the pictures. They're not great, but I don't care, I had fun.

When looking through them I saw this one and thought it was quite poignant as the shadow of the little fellow is pointing his rifle directly at himself. It reminded me of the dichotomy of war; the man who deploys and the shadow who returns; often a man battling PTSD and moral injury. I'll use this image in a post on the topic sometime soon when I feel like it and can gather my thoughts effectively.

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Anyway, that's how I deployed today. I hope y'all are having a great weekend so far and are deploying your weekend with passion and vigour no matter what you may be doing.

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