Billabong reflections

I'm fortunate to live close to nature; Sure, I live in the suburbs of a city of around 1.2 million people but within only minutes of home I can be walking through the Australian bush spotting wildlife like kangaroos, koalas, kookaburras, echidnas and multitudes of birdlife, and it's unlikely I'll see another person - That's how I like it most of the time.

I also have access to a lot of private land and one such property is a large cattle farm in the hills only about a fifteen minute drive from my house. I perform culling operations there most weeks to help the farmer control the number of feral animals on the land but I also head out there for a hike or wander about from time to time. It's a beautiful location.

Back in the middle of last year I was doing posts about a little character called Grouchy for a bit of fun and something different and I had an idea to stage him out at the billabong on the cattle farm with some Lego builds I'd done. I did a post titled Grouchy gets lost at the billabong and the link will take you to it - It's just me having some fun. Today I thought I'd share a few reflection photos I didn't use for that post.

This main image is the Lego Technic version of the 2019 Land Rover Defender. It's a big build of over 2,500 parts and came with what, at the time, was Lego's most complicated gearbox being 4-speed sequential, all-wheel-drive with three differentials plus the set has independent suspension on both axles, 6-cylinder engine and a really cool working winch.

I didn't use the Land Rover for the Grouchy post though as I'd only just finished another build, the Lego Technic Extreme 4x4 Off-Roader which was a really cool build. This truck was only 1,000 pieces but has the cool-factor of three electric motors allowing me to control it from the Lego Control+ App on my phone. It goes forward, reverse, steers, accelerates, brakes and even has cool sound effects and speed displayed on the app.

I took both to the billabong, which is an Australian term for water hole but actually refers more specifically to a branch of a river forming a backwater or stagnant pool, made by water flowing from the main stream during a flood. These can be found all over the place if one knows where to look although up north in the Top End you might find a crocodilian surprise waiting for you...And then you may be dead so...Follow the instructions on the signs, trust me, they are there for very good reason.

In the post I staged Grouchy in the Extreme Off-Roader, made up the story that he stole the keys without my permission and then got lost at the billabong; This meant he had to ask some locals, a frog, a bird and a bee, for directions to get out and home before I found out he'd stolen my truck. Like I said, it was just fun. Give it a read after you're finished here if you like...You might get a laugh or at least work out just how wacky I am.

Anyway, the photos pretty much speak for themselves I guess, there's a few reflections and I had a pretty fun afternoon playing around at the billabong taking some shots.

Having access to places like this is an extreme privilege as most do not. I shoot here, that's my function, but the chance to come to this farm, a place where I have almost never seen anyone else including the farmer is one of the most awesome things. It's secluded, my access is year-round and no one else is permitted. I can camp there or just go for a few hours which gives me a detachment from the world...I'm a lucky fellow I guess and I guard my access-privileges well.

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