During the summer months here in Upstate NY, one of our favorite things to do is pick wild blueberries. The best time to pick is late in the morning after the sun has been up for a while, this allows the dew from the night to dry off. If you try to pick earlier in the day, the berries become sticky from the moisture which makes it harder to clean and store them.

Wild blueberries are plentiful here in Upstate NY, but there is a window of time when they must be harvested. Usually that occurs during the last week of July and the first week of August, that's when they are at their peak. Depending on the weather, blueberries can be picked earlier or later than that time frame and still be delicious, but honestly, that two week period, when they at their best is the only time we go get'em.

Harvesting wild berries takes time and stamina. The first, second and third day we go picking, we come home with aching arms, shoulders and backs. We have come to expect it, since we are out of "picking shape". Once we "shake out the kinks", bam! , that's when the party gets started. We get into the flow, starting with a ride on our ATV's up to my Uncle Luchie's property, leaving the bikes by the river, we then walk through the woods, all uphill, with some rough terrain, to a field of blueberry bushes. What a beautiful and peaceful place. It takes about a half a mile of hiking to get to the fields but so worth the effort.

Now to the good part. Check out this yellow spider. I was fascinated watching this awesome little creature climb over the blueberries in my bucket, here on the homestead, I have come across many spiders, but never this color.

What a lovely reflection he had.

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Here's a few more pictures of little guy.

IMG_2664 (2).JPG


The ‘flower crab spider’ (Misumena vatia) is a white species of spider in the family Thomisidae. These are an unusual small type of white spider that can change its color. These garden spiders get their common name from the crab-like way they hold their legs.

Color changes of white spiders is a camouflage mechanism to catch their prey. The white spiders can turn bright yellow if they are on yellow flowers. In North America, you can sometimes find these crab spiders on goldenrod flowers. Because of their bright yellow colors, they are also called ‘banana spiders.’



So there you have it #hivers, a beautiful reflection of #mothernature's best.


Nature is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! 😁

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