Shadows can be found everywhere if we take the time to just notice them. Some shadows can be quite intriguing, some can land on a piece of furniture, the sidewalk or as it is in this case, an old fridge.
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We had this refrigerator in the farmhouse for at least 20 years. While I was cleaning it, before rushing back home to New Jersey, I dropped a big jar of pickles and shattered the glass shelves. What a MESS! It brought me to tears.

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Once the mess was dealt with, we jetted back to the rat race that always started on Monday morning. Yuck!

I think these shadows are beautiful. What you are viewing are wind chimes with some stacked firewood at the bottom.

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Back to fridge history.

The following Friday night, we once again packed up our four children and headed back to the peacefulness of the farm.
It sounds kinda crazy to do all that packing and unpacking every weekend, but that's how magical this place is, pure joy!

To be clear, we are tree farmers as well as veggie and fruit gardeners. No live stock here.

Ok, back to the fridge that I destroyed. @thebigsweed, who loves wood, came up with wooden shelves that enabled me to use the whole refrigerator. Hell, good as new, for a little while . But then it started to smell funny and I realized I couldn't clean the wood shelves properly. It was finally time to put this old fellow out of its misery.

I am happy to report, the farm kitchen got a new, much bigger refrigerator with brand new shelves, the easy to clean kind.

The old fridge only made it to the front porch .
It sat there all through the winter. When Spring came and Memorial Day was upon us, it dawned on us that the old fridge still worked to keep things cold. Let's clean it up and use it for the beer box, no more coolers of ice needed for the big bash. Memorial Day weekend is the Anniversary of the purchase of this property back in 1980.
It became a yearly tradition to visit the farm on Memorial Day weekend. For years, friends and family would bring their camping gear and kids, and pitch a tent for the long weekend. What a blast!

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Old Fridge=beer box=graffiti wall.

With the encouragement of Grammy, all visitors are asked to sign the fridge. Leave a message or mark a win. It's fun.

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I always look forward to reading the fridge after everyone's gone home. I wonder how much longer this guy can keep chugging along? He's pushing 35 years, tough ole guy.

But ya know????, maybe I can turn it into a planter or something when the motor dies.😃😄😁


Just a few more shadows that I enjoyed today. The shower captured the walnut tree leaves that canopy over the side yard. Gorgeous tree, I just worry about getting hit in the head with a walnut while washing my hair outside.😁 It's almost time to harvest them.

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It's been a pleasure to be a part of #shadowhunters community.

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