It was after 3 o'clock in the afternoon on this beautiful sunny day in July. I had spent most of the day in the gardens, weeding and watering all the veggies and flowers. I clipped some flowers to make a bouquet for my kitchen table, bringing the beauty into my home. As the day wore on the temperature rose to close to 90 degrees, so a dip in the pond was in order.

A quick change into my bathing suit would take just a few minutes, then I would be diving into that cool fresh water, oh boy, I couldn't wait. But as I entered my bedroom I was struck by this shadow that had me searching for my camera in quick order.

IMG_9106 (2).JPG

With the use of a filter, I thought I would try my hand at this shadow in black and white. I thought it added some depth and character to the shadow.

IMG_9107 (2).JPG

This shot looked like a slice of pizza, but it definitely needed some mozzarella cheese.


Using the same filter, that slice of pie took on a whole new look. A little mysterious, as if something or someone was lurking in the shadows.

IMG_9110 (3).JPG

Stepping back, I was able to elongate the bedpost.


I think I like it better in monochromes, adds to the detail of the bed quilt as well as the shape of the bedpost shadow.

IMG_9111 (2).JPG

My morning bouquet. #alwaysaflower to brighten the day.

IMG_1852 (2).JPG

This morning glory had shadows of it's own, just beautiful. I know @dswigle will like this one, shadows and all.


Have a wonderful day!

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